See your organization’s browser-based risk in minutes, for free.

Browsers represent a major threat to all internet users. Out-of-date browsers on end-user devices open the door to a full-blown data breach for your organization. Patching browsers and plugins is essential to protect against this threat, but knowing if your end-users are doing so, especially with the growing prevalence of BYOD and tele-commuting, is challenging. Identify and notify your at-risk users now, for free.

Use Rapid7's BrowserScan and immediately:

Gain Visibility

By placing a tracking code on your intranet or highly visited pages, you’ll be able to gain visibility into your organization’s brower-based vulnerabilities within minutes.

Educate Users

Inform users that their system and data is at risk and provide easy steps for them to update their systems.

Restrict Access

Deny insecure and potentially compromised systems access to sensitive intranet or website information.

BrowserScan is quick and easy to deploy because it does not require any client-side software or user interaction.

BrowserScan does not track personal information and only enumerates browser vulnerabilities.